Triggers award winning broom

A printer I know has, over the course of a few months, had to replace his entire sales team. Now losing one or two members could be said to be unlucky but losing them all has to be plain careless! Though I admire the entrepreneurial skills of the Trotters, I wouldn’t say that “Only Fools and Horses” had a lot to recommend it in the way of good business practice. However the clip below, in which Trigger explains his broom’s role in securing a business award, puts me in mind of this particular printer. Like the broom that has 17 new heads and 14 handles, how many people can you “lose” before a business is so fundamentally different that clients can no longer recognise it?

Legally of course it’s an entity in its own right but in every other way surely it’s just a collection of people? The key I guess must be to have strong leadership and a culture that isn’t dependent on the individual, to maintain relationships with customers that engender their loyalty, to supply a service that’s top-notch irrespective of the person delivering it and, as Trigger and roadsweepers the world over would testify, to “look after your broom”!